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Elegant Bathroom

Top Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles

Are you wondering if your bathroom needs renovation? There's nothing like a brand new bathroom, sparkling clean and shiny. Additionally, a remodeled bathroom is a nice boost to the value of your home.

Giant Construction is the leading contractor in Los Angeles when it comes to state-of-the-art luxury bathroom remodeling. Our design team's refined taste is unparalleled by utilizing the best fixtures and latest techniques.

We have over 20 years of experience as a bathroom remodeling company with hundreds of bathroom remodels under our belt. We offer great finishes and focus on economic and sustainable luxury construction. Our project manager can guide you effectively in planning a custom bathroom remodel based on your needs.

Here is a look at what a complete bathroom remodel could accomplish:

Make Your Dreams Come True

Ever wanted a towel warmer in your shower? A steam room/sauna or a bidet? What about instant hot water or a skylight? Heated floors? Think there's no way to fit a jacuzzi tub in that corner? Our building engineers can make anything happen, even if these are things you only dreamt of and thought impossible. Not many bathroom contractors in Los Angeles even try to understand you as well as we do.

Your Bathroom's Look

Does that old bathtub look like Napoleon's army used it? Well, we want to show you some bathtubs that may look antique but are marvels of technology you couldn't even imagine in a bathtub. Think you could use more storage space? How about a tub you can ask to run a bath from an app on your phone? Over time, even after five years, bathrooms start to look used and tired. New floors, new walls, fresh tiling, we will renew everything, and not only will it look better than when your bathroom was new, but it will also be more functional, greener, and economical. Ergonomics is our middle name; we design the best custom bathroom cabinets in-house as a vertically integrated company. Our goal is to dazzle you and leave you smiling every time you walk into your new bathroom.

A Greener Home

Updating a bathroom means getting all the latest and greatest in insulation, water-saving features, hot water management, and a host of other things that make your bathroom a greener space, designed to save water and energy without sacrificing any of the luxuries. For example, as part of every bathroom job, we evaluate your entire house water heating system and may offer an update to solar water heating. The system goes on the roof, and we install a small gas or electric tankless water heater as a backup. Even if your water tank is newer, we would probably recommend switching for water and energy savings. No matter what we do, reducing your home's carbon footprint is always on our minds. It's inexpensive to install and 100% renewable energy with emissions. 

Fix Underlying Problems

Are your faucets leaky or dripping, do you suffer from low water pressure, or does the hot water take forever? Dampness in the walls? Not sure if the electrical is adequately shielded from the humidity? Every bathroom job includes complete new plumbing, electric wiring, and ceiling vents for reduced humidity accumulation. 

Wherever you are in the LA area, we want to be your luxury bathroom contractor. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for a free consultation! Start by filling out the form below. We typically reach out to you by phone or email to discuss your bathroom renovation ideas within one business day.

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