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Flooring Contractor in Los Angeles - Renovate Your Home

The floor is one of the most important parts in the house, it sets the tone. Warmer, cooler, modern or classic look, the floor is often the most noticed when entering a house. There are so many options to choose from, we are here to help you sort out exactly what mood you want your floors to set. Whether you choose exotic hardwood or tile flooring, Giant Construction is here to make sure you have the best most beautiful, durable and sustainable floor all the while working within your budget. 

Here are some details about the most popular flooring options available through Giant Construction:

Hardwood Floors

Throughout the ages, all over the world, hardwood flooring has always been a favorite. Luxurious, elegant, long lasting, you can’t go wrong with a wooden floor. For centuries, pine and oak were the preferred woods for floors. Nowadays, more exotic and more sustainable woods are gaining favor for floors. Many of these ‘new’ woods allow a natural finish with no or minimal stain. Finished or unfinished hardwood is a good choice for floors as it looks natural and can be sanded and refinished many times, it lasts for decades even in high traffic areas. 

Why choose hardwood floors:

  • Wood is noble, it gives warmth, elegance and style.

  • Hardwood flooring is low maintenance, very easy to clean.

  • Wooden flooring is highly durable, strong and long-lasting. The color won’t fade nor will it break or crack easily.

  • It’s hypoallergenic. As the winter air in Los Angeles gets dry,  hardwood floors don’t trap allergens like dust, pollen and animal dander.

  • Hardwood flooring goes perfectly well with any kind of decor. 

  • It’s economical over time as it will take several decades before it needs to be replaced again. Since it’s solid wood, it can be sanded and refinished over and over. 

  • Hardwood floors add value to your home, you can enjoy new floors without losing a penny. 

  • Wood floors can be sustainable. At Giant construction, we only choose wood from certified sustainable sources that replant new trees to replace the ones they cut down, leaving no impact on the planet.

Woods to consider:

The most widely used woods are pine, oak, maple and mahogany. They are usually finished with a stain and sealed with a compound like polyurethane. They are accessible, durable, look great and can be sourced sustainably. 
Newer woods include bamboo, Brazilian cherry, bubinga and cork.  Since bamboo is very hard and yet technically a grass, it’s the preferred choice for sustainable floors as it grows just as fast as we cut it. Some of the more exotic woods need special equipment to cut and may require hand nailing as the fine fibers can’t withstand the impact of a nail gun. 


Engineered Wood Floors

Made with a plywood or recycled wood fiber base covered with a thin layer of real wood. engineered wood offers a wide variety of finishes and looks. Although not as long lasting as hardwood, engineered wood is durable and can withstand heavy traffic. It’s easy to clean and maintain. It’s also easier on the budget compared to hardwood floors. Engineered wood is a good choice for those seeking a greener home as recycled wood fiber can be requested.

Hardwood or engineered, wood floors may be a better choice for Southern California and the Los Angeles area in particular due to the frequent, and sometimes violante earthquakes. Wood is more flexible than stone and though it may break, it’s easier and cheaper to repair than cracked stone or tile floors.


Ceramic Tile Flooring

With all the Spanish and art deco style homes in Los Angeles, tile floors are popular. Indeed, these floors give homes a Mediterranean accent that makes them feel sunnier and more welcoming. Ceramic tiles can handle very high traffic, they are stain resistant, easy to clean and very low maintenance. In fact, all they need is a sealer treatment once every 5 years. 

The possibilities are infinite when it comes to ceramic tiles. Every style and budget can find a perfect match. No matter what your taste is, Giant Construction is here to guide you towards the best floors for your home. We even work with a few very talented mosaic artists that can make you a breath-taking mosaic entrance, kitchen, bathroom or patio.


Stone Floors


California is blessed with varied architecture styles. Some homes are majestic, especially in the Los Angeles area. With a palace goes the elegance of natural stone floors. Marble, granite, quartzite… all these beautiful, timeless stones make luxurious floors. Stone floors aren’t cheap, they do last forever though. 

Ceramic tile and natural stone floors are thermosiolants, they remain cool in the hot Los Angeles summers and help keep the cooling bills down. In the cold LA winters, stone floors can get pretty cold; wear socks or ask us about an energy saving floor heating system.

So what will your new floor look like? Please share your flooring project with us using the form below:

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