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Brightly Lit Kitchen

Top Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Los Angeles

The kitchen is often the center of the house for most families. We cook, we eat, we talk, we spend time in the kitchen. There is always a reason to remodel a kitchen. Every house that respects itself should get a new kitchen at least every 15 years. Updating or remodeling a kitchen, big or small, is essential to keep your home green. As kitchen remodeling contractors, our job is not only to deliver a luxurious updated look with amazing stone countertops and rare wood cabinets and floors, it is also to make sure everything in your kitchen is energy efficient and functioning without waste. 


Your Kitchen is in Good Hands

We are a premier kitchen contractor in Los Angeles. The combined experience of our team literally adds up to thousands of kitchens redone. When it comes to kitchen remodeling, we aim to deliver refinement, dazzle, class and technology. Our goal is to make your kitchen the jewel of the house as it should be. Expertise, precision, meticulous attention to details and the relentless pursuit of perfection makes us the best luxury kitchen contractor in LA. 

Kitchen Design Ideas

The whole idea behind a new kitchen is to make it more beautiful, more usable and more efficient. First, whoever cooks in that kitchen should feel the space is well designed, everything ergonomically positioned. Second, when anyone enters that kitchen, they should feel impressed and right at home at the same time. Regardless of how good of a cook you are, your kitchen will inspire gourmet food. Our job is to take your kitchen redesign ideas and turn them into the best version they can be. We will determine the kind of kitchen you want, gourmet, homie, pro chef, modern, classic… From cabinetry, tiles, stones, woods, we will show you the finest materials to make your dream kitchen come to life. Our idea of a kitchen remodel is one where you get that grin on your face and sense of satisfaction whenever you think of your new kitchen.


The Cost to Remodel a Kitchen

Luxury kitchen remodels aren’t cheap. The cash outlay can be high, some people take a loan as it could top $50,000. However, the actual cost is much lower. A new kitchen is an investment in your home that increases its value. Real estate statistics show that in Los Angeles 87% of kitchen remodeling costs is recouped in home value. Add the savings in water and energy from the new plumbing and appliance, there is actually a profit in redoing a small or large kitchen. 


New Kitchen = Greener Home

We all have to do our part in keeping our planet as clean as possible. At Giant Construction, we recommend considering a kitchen remodel every 10 years. Although this may seem a short interval, it is essential to keep your home’s carbon footprint as small as possible. The kitchen is where most of the home’s energy is used. The fridge has the highest energy consumption, more than the heater and A/C, even more than the water heater that is also an energy guzzler. Remodeling your kitchen every 10 years ensures you have the latest energy saving appliance, insulation, construction and systems. More than a greener home, In a city like Los Angeles, where electricity and natural gas are at a premium, remodeling a kitchen often translates into big savings.

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